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Fit Pit Man Natural Deodorant - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

  • Description

    Fit Pit natural deodorant with extra sweat protection.

    Fit Pit is a multi-award winning certified organic deodorant, that's tough on odour, yet kind to skin and the planet. Handmade by The Green Woman - caring for armpits since 2013.

    100% natural deodorant with a light cypress scent and extra sweat protection perfect for hairy pits. Full strength aluminium free natural deodorant, suitable for vegans.


    Long lasting and great value for money. A little goes a long long way - our 100ml jar give you 4 months of applications!

    Which? rated "Effective and long lasting".

    Available in our standard 100ml jar or a 25ml travel size that is perfect for when you’re on the go.



  • Directions

    Our natural deodorant is a cream that nourishes the skin whilst giving powerful odour control. It works by inhibiting smell causing bacteria without blocking your sweat glands – because sweating is essential for removing toxins from the body. Apply a pea-sized amount with fingertips to underarms for all day odour control.

  • Ingredients

    Fit Pit Man

    Ingredients: Maranta Arundinacea (Arrowroot) powder*, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) oil*, Bicarbonate of soda, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) butter*, Helianthus Annuus (Sunflower) oil*, Cupressus Sempervirens (Cypress) oil*, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) oil*, Limonene**, Linalol**

    * Organic ingredients. ** Naturally occurring in essential oils

    73% organic of total. Of total, 100% organic minus water and minerals, 100% natural origin.

  • Reviews

    Thank you so much for developing this exceptional product. As a hairy male, I've always struggled to find a satisfactory solution and your amazing product has exceeded all expectations and performs for me every time. Best wishes and keep up the good work!


    Ordered the 25ml of Fit Pit man but after trying the sample of Fit Pit Love, I wish I’d ordered that instead as it’s so lovely and works really well. Very impressed! I’ll use the man version up anyway, but will definitely order the Love scent version


    During the heatwave the temperature in my flat was 37C, so the Fit Pit for men got stress tested and passed with flying colours.


    I always used to get this with my FFS shaving box and was really sad when they stopped selling it. I'm really glad to have found it again as it really works and smells amazing!


    I only have to apply a tiny amount less than recommended so the product has lasted for months which means its better value than others and I'm reusing the jar now. Scent is quite subtle to my nose but that's not a problem - as a deodorant anti-perspirant it works well.

    Dave Higgins

    I've been using Fit Pit Man for around 4 years now and it's never let me down. I wouldn't use anything else. It neutralises odour leaving you fresh and confident and knowing that it's free from potentially harmful ingredients, such as alcohol and aluminium is very reassuring.

    Katie McGill

    Although the one we use is marketed as the 'man' variation, I find it a unisex scent and it's become a favourite for myself and my wife.

    Paul Ross

    Great to have a plastic free recyclable option. I’ve found it to need only a pretty small amount (less than recommended) and I am also fairly allergic to most normal deodorant but fine with the green woman stuff. Been using this for about 2 years now - highly recommended...

    Annie Lennie

    Good deodorant.

    John Bourne

    Business seem to be on the go slow. Ordered, waited, waited, posted out a few days later after the weekend. Don't expect a speedy service. The product was good though. Buy it all the time when I run out. Wouldn’t use any other deodorant. Note from The Green Woman: Hi John, we are sorry that you are disappointed with the speed of the delivery. We are a small company, so we only post orders three times a week and not at weekends.

    Roger Osborn

    Great product, it works fantastically!

    Jonathan Winstanley

    I ordered the Fit Pit deodorant and it has a great smell, that’s not over powering or harsh on my skin, it also keeps me fresh all day…. good service and delivery, will be reordering.

    Catherine Mitchell

    I’ve tried lots of eco products and this is the only one that works for me.

    Carlos Velox

    Excellent product, I used zero alcohol deodorant before and still got burnt. So this deodorant is a real blessing, always smelling fresh and no stingy armpits.


    My son uses this, he says it stops him from sweating unlike other deodorants, when he is doing PE at school and all his other sport activities. The best part for me is it is organic and natural.

    Jonathan Patmore

    Really love the Fit Pit for men. I've been a happy customer for over a year and will keep coming back for more. My wife has started stealing mine - and so I've bought her the tester pots so she can get her own. It's rare for me to leave a review - but happy to do so when the product is 100% good. Thanks. Jon.

    Tom Cartigny

    Best deodorant out there! Works really well, even when exercising and feels really natural. Big fan of the option to send back packaging for reuse to eliminate waste!

    Alison Gonzalez

    Fabulous product which actually works better than normal deodorants! Also, lovely service with fast delivery and good communication. Thank you!


    I have been using this product for two years now and it is brilliant. I'm never going back to conventional deodorants. At first I was dubious, but quickly got used to the application and found that the product is really effective. I use the man's product and it smells great - a natural pine smell and most importantly, I don't have any body odour. My old deodorants gradually wrecked my clothes. This is gentle on the underarm and clothes too. To top it all, its more environmentally friendly - no plastic.

    Lucy Stevens

    I decided to convert my husband to Fitpit, seeing as I love it so much!

    M C

    Fit Pit man smells great and is really effective. It also lasts longer than expected. I’m a definite convert from conventional deodorant sprays.

    Steven H

    Love this deodorant. 100% natural, smells great and lasts all day. The only downside for me is, if I put it on right before I get dressed, over time it leaves an oil like stain on the armpits of shirts and tees. I leave 20 minutes after application before putting on a shirt.


    Incredible deodorant. Feels good, smells great and it's wonderful to know how much love goes into the products from an environmental and health perspective. Also the team are legends :)


    Still don't know why it works, to the cynical mind it really shouldn't. However it does, brilliantly. No smelly pits or sticky underarms and waxy deposits on my shirts.


    Since I started trying to use a natural deodorant I've had really smelly pits. They would still have a smell after showering and double washing my pits. But I soldiered on trying different products and even trying to make my own. I found one from another company that worked reasonably well but it was in a plastic container. Then I found Fitpit in a local shop. It works, it's that simple. It was worth the trial and error for me. So pleased.

    Uncle Remus

    Easily as effective as standard deodorants but without the unrecyclable, mixed materials, plastic unit you have to chuck out every month.


    I bought it for my partner and he didn't like the scent that much. Apart from that the product works but he preferred the sensitive one.


    Excellent! Was sceptical at first but its really works and doesn't leave nasty stains on my work shirts either. Lasted just over the 3 months, as advertised, as well so much cheaper than my previous deodorant.


    This is the most effective deodorant I've ever used. Beats all others - conventional and natural - hands down.


    You've got another customer for life! No more itching and irritation and no more stinking by the end of the day. What's more it even feels like it's moisturising my pits, as well as keeping the smell at bay. I still sweat pretty heavily (obviously as this isn't blocking my pores) but I'm still smelling fresh. Bravo!


    Great product, please continue to make it for at least the next 40 years :) Great company.


    This works. Before when I was using Sure deodorant, within an hour of putting it on, I would smell sweaty. However with this deodorant, I go the whole day and I don't smell. I still am sweating, but it isn't smelling at all. Swap to this for plastic free and chemical free!


    I was not convinced this would work, but really wanted to try a vegan deodorant with plastic free packaging. It is amazing. It really works and I struggle to find normal deodorant that works usually. Great product!


    This stuff keeps me unsmelly all day - even after vigorous cycling - and the small (25ml) pot lasts much longer than the 3 weeks as it says on the jar. No more Mitchum for me! Highly recommend.


    I absolutely love this product, discovered it over a year ago at Bristol's Vegfest and haven't used any other product since! The best thing is it is a natural deodorant that actually works.


    Unfortunately it gives me rashes and sore underarms when I use this. I have confirmed it is from this. When I stopped using it the soreness/redness disappeared. I have tried it again and had the same reaction. I really wanted to love it, but for now I’ll stick to my crystal deodorant. :( Apart from that I love the concept and the smell. "We're so sorry to hear that Nadia. It sounds like you have a sensitivity to Bicarb, so products containing it won't be suitable I'm afraid. If you can contact us at we can sort out a refund for you. With love The Green Woman xx"


    An excellent product that just works! I came across this product recently whilst attending an exhibition at the NEC. Previously, I have tried various products that do a job but as soon as I hit the gym or jump on my bicycle, I'd have a problem. The lady I spoke to advised me to use the Fit Pit Man - Natural deodorant for maximum protection and I haven't looked back. Thank you 'thegreenwoman' you've surpassed my expectations and I'll be definitely ordering more. Finally, a product that works, all day, every day and one that works in harmony with my body.


    This is amazing! I used the man's version as I liked the smell. It really does do what it says on the label. I work in a very hot environment, 30 degrees plus some days and it works perfectly. No sweat or chemical smell.

    Richard Earney

    I was recommended this by a friend, who raved about it. I was sceptical as I had tried other natural deodorants, without success. This is amazing. It works really well and even the next day there is no odour. Using a conventional deodorant you would end up with a stale smell the next day, but with FitPit there's nothing. A brilliant product

    Craig Rouse

    This is the best deodorant, I've ever used! Completely stops body odour, and smells great too. My wife uses the ladies' version, and really likes it too. Will definitely buy more.


    I recently bought the men's tester because I preferred the smell. I have to be honest, I was sceptical at first and was worried it wouldn't keep me fresh but it is brilliant! I've stopped using my other deodorant completely. I work in a hot office and I work out a lot, but this keeps me and my clothes fresh and it doesn't give that overwhelming deodorant smell you can get when getting hot. Plus the packaging is environmentally friendly, the product is vegan friendly and the lady who sold the deodorant to me (at Veg Fest) was lovely and explained everything. I would 100% recommend the product and the people working behind the scenes :-)


    As Fit Pit comes in glass jars. I picked up a small jar from Bristol Vegfest, in a bid to reduce my plastic waste. I am impressed with the product and surprised how far it goes.

    Dale H

    I saw a review on Hench Herbivore's channel on YouTube and thought I'd give it a go. I was very impressed at how well it works. It's easily applied and lasts the whole day. It didn't cause any discolouration of my black tee shirts like normal roll on antiperspirants do. I will definitely be buying more.


    Bought some for my husband, to get him off spray/chemical deodorants and he loves it. Better protection and he goes to the gym all the time.


    amazing stuff - it really does work!

    Rich H

    Bought a small tester, at a recent green fair. I put it in the wash bag for use after the gym, thinking it probably wouldn't provide protection for the whole day ( I go at lunchtime ) but really pleased that not only does it provide adequate protection, but my pits don't have that sticky feeling, associated with roll on deodorants. I'll be ordering more for sure. Great product, well pleased - and its local!

    Lee A

    My wife and I bought a small tester at a recent Green Fair and didn't expect it to work but surprisingly and very pleasingly it is a fantastic product and we've now ordered more. Works far better than any previous anti perspirant or body spray/roll on that we have used. Wife uses the male version as she prefers the smell which in fact for both the male and female versions is very subtle and almost unnoticeable.

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