Jar Returns

You can return our glass jars and we’ll give you money off your next purchase; 30p per 100ml jar and 10p per 25ml jar.

Give them to your local stockist or send them directly to us by post with your name and email address in the parcel:

The Green Woman

Unit 18, Rural Enterprise Centre

Eco Park Rd



We'll then send you a coupon for the jars to use on our website and, where applicable, the postage costs*.

Top Tips!

1. Save up your empty jars and return larger quantities where possible, so that it is more cost effective for you.

2. Make sure you wrap the jars really well to protect them on their journey! We recommend using old newspaper or magazines as wrapping materials. And leave the lids on.

*Postage costs up to £3.49 (Royal Mail small parcel charge) are only refunded when the amount of jars returned has a value of £3.60 or more (e.g. 12 x 100 ml).