Animal Testing & Welfare Policy

Thank you for caring about animal welfare and for taking the time to read our policy on animal testing and welfare.

We are proud to say that The Green Woman does not test on animals and is against testing on animals. We have never asked, and will never ask, any company to perform an animal test on our behalf. We believe animals are precious in their own right and we do not have the right to impose suffering on them for our comfort or convenience. Our products and product ingredients are cruelty free. The products are tested thoroughly on willing and happy humans. The product ingredients are not tested on animals and do not involve animal exploitation, for example coconut oil made from coconuts harvested by monkeys. They also do not include animal products, bi-products or derivatives. Our products are suitable for vegans and always will be.

We are a family business without other shareholders, so we keep full ethical control of what we do and how we do it. Thank you for your support.