The Green Woman Mission

Championing ethical alternatives that are safer for us and the planet 


The problem

Most cosmetics you buy are made by large corporations focused on profit. They’re made in factories using damaging synthetic chemicals, which end up in our bodies and our environment, are packed in plastic and exploit animals and people in other countries. Did you know that since leaving the EU, UK cosmetics companies can claim to be natural or organic with only 1% of those ingredients?

The solution

We founded The Green Woman in 2013 to provide ethical alternatives that are safer for us and the planet. And 10% of our profits go to support environmental projects.

All our products are natural, organic, synthetic-free and vegan. We don’t use any bulking agents so a little goes a long way, which means we can use less packaging too. The packaging we do use is plastic free and recyclable, and we have a jar return scheme.

We hand make all our products in the UK, pay our colleagues well, and treat them with love.

In Partnership with

This year, we have again teamed with Breast Cancer UK to help support their campaign to get endocrine disrupting chemicals (EDC's) removed from everyday skin and bodycare products.

Studies have shown that at least 30% of breast cancer cases are preventable. By making changes to your lifestyle, like switching to natural products, you can reduce your chances of getting breast cancer significantly.

How you can make a difference

By supporting small ethical businesses you take power away from corporations and give it to people who are trying to make a difference. Thank you for supporting us to change how humans affect our world, one jar at a time.

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