Our Story

It all started when environmental campaigner Eve, began making her own products from home.

“My Chemistry degree and Masters in Environmental Decision making showed me why we shouldn’t use synthetic chemicals or plastic, yet I struggled to find alternatives. I started making my own natural toiletries and gave some to my sister Suzanne as a present.” Eve explains.

“I was blown away by the effectiveness of Eve’s natural deodorant, and having not been able to find one that worked for me, immediately saw the potential in it. I was on maternity leave from a corporate career at the time but wanted something that was more ethical and flexible.” says Suzanne

So together they started making and selling their Fit Pit deodorant from home, and it wasn’t long before they had to recruit more people to make the product.

Fast forward 10 years and Eve and Suzanne now have a multi-award winning range of all natural skin and bodycare products, and more are planned. And since the beginning everything has been organic, natural, plastic free and suitable for vegans.

In 2021 The Green Woman gained the prestigious Soil Association COSMOS Organic accreditation. Of the thousands of beauty products that claim to be organic, few are organically certified.

Today The Green Woman is still a 100% owned family business, so we keep full ethical control of what we do and how we do it.