Cancer prevention

Most skin and body care products you buy are made by large corporations focused on profit. They’re made in factories using synthetic chemicals, which end up in our bodies and our environment.

Many synthetic chemicals affect your risk of cancer. This is due to the growing mix of chemicals you encounter over time, not just from any single use of a particular chemical.

Lowering your exposure to these chemicals will help you;

    • reduce your risk of cancer

    • live a less toxic healthier life

    • better protect the long-term health of people, wildlife, and the environment.

Find out more about which chemicals to avoid.

Our Cancer Charity partners

The Green Woman are official partners with cancer prevention charity Breast Cancer UK. This means we have access to their latest research on cancer prevention and the link between cancer and our daily exposure to harmful chemicals.

Studies have shown that at least 30% of breast cancer cases are preventable. By making changes to your lifestyle, like switching to natural products, you can reduce your chances of getting breast cancer significantly.

Breast Cancer UK works to prevent breast cancer through scientific understanding, collaboration, education and policy change. Further information on the charity’s work on synthetic chemicals and their impact on cancer risk is available at

Find out more about our partnership with Breast Cancer UK.

Chemotherapy Charities

During chemotherapy treatment, patients are advised to avoid the chemicals in synthetic antiperspirants. Our Fit Pit natural deodorant contains only 100% natural ingredients and is suitable for use during chemotherapy.

Over the years The Green Woman has worked with a number of chemotherapy charities, supplying Fit Pit natural deodorant to chemotherapy patients, free of charge. At present The Green Woman are working with chemotherapy gift bag charity Breast Friends & Family.

Find out more about the affects of synthetic chemicals and how to avoid them.