The Green Woman partnership with Breast Cancer UK

The Green Woman partnership with Breast Cancer UK

The Green Woman supports national breast cancer campaign on harmful chemicals.

The Green Woman has joined forces with a national breast cancer prevention charity Breast Cancer UK again this year, to highlight the impact of harmful chemicals on breast cancer risk.

The Green Woman is donating three percent of the proceeds of sales from White & Green mineral toothpaste to support Breast Cancer UK in its work to tackle the issues of breast cancer prevention.

The funds will support the charity’s campaign to educate the public on the effect of endocrine disrupting chemicals – EDCs – in cosmetics and skin and body care products.

The Green Woman was originally set up out of the desire to find natural alternatives to everyday beauty and skin care products, and to highlight the risks of many of the chemicals widely used in mass-produced products.

“Breast Cancer UK has long campaigned about the risks of EDCs, which disrupt the hormone - or endocrine - system and can interfere with the female hormone oestrogen, thus potentially increasing the risk of breast cancer.”

“Everything that we produce at The Green Woman is 100% natural and certified organic. We are passionate about highlighting the widespread use of potentially harmful chemicals in skin and body care, and we believe in using only natural ingredients.”

“By supporting the work of Breast Cancer UK we hope that message will reach as wide an audience as possible and manufacturers will be persuaded to stop using harmful chemicals in skin and body care products” Suzanne Co-founder The Green Woman.

White & Green mineral toothpaste contains no fluoride or triclosan, which is an EDC, used as a preservative and to reduce bacterial infection.

A spokesperson for Breast Cancer UK said that the charity was grateful to The Green Woman for its generous donations, received from the sale of their triclosan-free White & Green mineral toothpaste.

“Breast Cancer UK commends the Green Woman for producing beauty products, such as the White & Green mineral triclosan-free toothpaste, without the need for harmful chemicals which impact our health and increase our risk of breast cancer” said the spokesman.

Breast Cancer UK works to prevent breast cancer through scientific understanding, collaboration, education and policy change. Further information on the charity’s work is available at

White & Green Mineral Toothpaste is available from or from stockists.

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