Skincare uses for Coconut Oil

Skincare uses for Coconut Oil

There are a whole host of skincare products that can be replaced with simple coconut oil. From petroleum based lip balms to synthetic makeup remover.

The classic skincare routine of cleanser, toner and moisturiser can be replaced with coconut oil because it can clean as well as moisturise. Many skin types are aggravated by toner leading to a moisture imbalance, which leads to more products.

So ditch the chemicals, unclutter your bathroom cabinet, and put your coconut oil jar in pride of place.

Using coconut oil for the skin

1. A moisturiser and to soothe irritated skin

2. A makeup remover and cleanser

3. In face or body scrubs

3. A natural lip balm.

A moisturiser and to soothe irritated skin

Coconut oil has excellent beneficial fats and it’s antibacterial, antioxidant and antifungal healing properties also help many skin conditions too. Sore skin can react very well to coconut oil, a very thin layer is enough to give the skin the support it needs to repair.

A makeup remover and cleanser

Makeup is usually oil soluble so doesn’t wash off easily but coconut oil will lift it straight off. Dampen a  soft cloth with warm water and add a smear of coconut oil. Smooth over the eyes and face to lift off makeup and impurities.

In face or body scrubs

Instead of a synthetic scrub with micro plastic and other nasties, you can make your own natural scrub. For your face, mix sugar and coconut oil, apply in gentle sweeping circles with a damp cloth, then wash off. For your body or hard parts of the feet you can use sea salt instead of sugar for something with a bit more oomph.

A natural lip balm

No need to lick up petroleum products and synthetic additives in lip balms any more. Give your smacker a sweep of our food grade coconut oil for delicious soft lips.

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