Probably the best deodorant review ever!

Probably the best deodorant review ever!

Possibly the best natural deodorant review of all time!

"Fit Pit is the most incredible product! It’s absolutely turned my life around. No joke!

I take lots of medication as a result of long term side effects of childhood cancer. And these can make my sweat stink. Like absolutely vile! I can have a shower, and scrub my pits with bleach, but an hour later one will smell of onions and paint stripper. And one will smell of poppers.

It makes me paranoid and self conscious and not want to go out for fear of offending peoples faces. I’ve tried so many deodorants and anti-perspirants over the years, and ultimately all that happened was I started disliking the smell of normal deodorants as they just reminded me of the smell of sweat.

And then I discovered Fit Pit! It doesn’t try and cover up a smell with fragrance, but it somehow magically gets rid of it completely. Like absolutely completely 100% disappears! It’s quite literally some kind of wizardry! If you’re not stinky, but just a bit sweaty or clammy under the arms just pop some on and it’s like having stepped out a shower!

And due to the fact it’s a pliable solid, you can decant some into a tiny tub and carry it in your bag to rub on whilst out and about.

Previously, there were days I could wash my pits like five times, put stuff on, and a few hours later be scrubbing away again! I’ve had to cancel plans as I’ve been offending my own nose and just can’t stop smelling horribly. Not any more.

I honestly don’t have the words to emphasize just how brilliant this product is and how it’s given me confidence to go out again.

If you’ve got any issues at all with sweating, be it unreasonably stinky or unreasonably excessive, I promise you you’ll never look at another deodorant ever again!" Rachel

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