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Fit Pit Woman Natural Deodorant - CERTIFIED ORGANIC

  • Description

    Fit Pit natural deodorant with rosemary, bergamot & geranium.

    Fit Pit is a multi-award winning certified organic deodorant, that's tough on odour, yet kind to skin and the planet. Handmade by The Green Woman - caring for armpits since 2013. 

    Which? rated "Effective and long lasting".

    Long lasting and great value for money. A little goes a long long way - our 100ml jar give you 4 months of applications!

    100% natural deodorant with a light floral scent and added essential oils to help balance hormones and reduce hormonal sweating. Gentle on skin, yet tough on odour. Ideal natural deodorant for women, including during the menopause. Aluminium free deodorant, suitable for vegans.

    Available in our standard 100ml jar or a 25ml travel size that is perfect for when you’re on the go. 



  • Directions

    Our natural deodorant is a cream that nourishes the skin whilst giving powerful odour control. It works by inhibiting smell causing bacteria without blocking your sweat glands – because sweating is essential for removing toxins from the body. Apply a pea-sized amount with fingertips to underarms for all day odour control.

  • Ingredients

    Fit Pit woman

    Ingredients: Maranta Arundinacea (Arrowroot) powder*, Cocos Nucifera (Coconut) oil*, Bicarbonate of soda, Butyrospermum Parkii (Shea) butter*, Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe vera) powder*, Citrus Aurantium Bergamia (Bergamot) oil*, Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) oil*, Pelargonium Graveolens (Geranium) oil*, Linalol**, Geraniol**

    * Organic ingredients. ** Naturally occurring in essential oils

    76% organic of total. Of total, 100% organic minus water and minerals, 100% natural origin.

  • Why switch?

    Fit Pit woman contains a powerful blend of essential oils designed by women, for women.

    As well as its ability to neutralise odour Bergamot is useful in treating menopause symptoms such as anxiety, depression, and irritability. It can also help to reduce hot flushes and night sweats. This oil can be used to improve circulation and increase low libido. Bergamot is also helpful in managing stress and tension.

    Geranium essential oil has numerous benefits for both the mind and body. It is known to be particularly effective in balancing hormones and regulating mood swings. This makes it a favoured option for women during their menstrual cycle, menopause, or with other hormonal imbalances.

    Rosemary has been shown to help boost memory and reduce anxiety and depression, and this energising oil may help clear your head from menopause brain fog.

  • Reviews

    I have tried LOTS of natural deodorants over the years and this is undoubtedly the best. I have used it for several years and have never had any issues with effectiveness...exercise, extreme hot copes with it all! Fit Pit deodorants are now loved by my teenagers too! I am so pleased that I was able to hand them an effective and totally natural product when they reached the point of wanting a deodorant. Thank you!


    I love Fit Pit! It is the most effective deodorant I have ever used and I highly recommend it to anyone who is still thinking about trying it! I have been using it for years and have tried Woman, Love, Tea Tree & Orange and Peppermint - all smell amazing and all just as effective. I think my favourite scents are Love and Woman.


    I’ve tried a LOT of natural deodorants and this is the ONLY one that I’ve found to be effective and doesn’t irritate my skin at all. Been using it for several years now and I love that it is made locally to me. Genuinely excellent product and without any unnecessary ingredients.


    I got a free sample pot of the sensitive deodorant. I will admit, I was very sceptical, I have only ever used spray deodorants. I am so pleased with this product! This is my 3rd day using it, and I've never felt and smelled so fresh. My sensitive skin has not reacted to this product at all.

    Jennifer Baust

    I am truly impressed and blown away by the effectiveness and result of this product! It's been a struggle to find something that is not overly drying, still keeps me smelling fresh at the end of the day, and is effective in keeping me dry! I was skeptical, but it has won me over and highly recommend to give it a try!

    Zaibaa Patel

    Absolutely love Fit Pit deodorant. Ever since we first tried it from VegFest2017/18, we haven’t used any other. Really like the Fit Pit Woman & the Peppermint. It comes in a nice glass jar. We tend to buy a few extra and keep them in the fridge. Great product!

    Dominika ZIEMBA


    Kerrie-Anne Mcindoe

    Love fit pit, the best natural deodorant on the market!! X

    Julie Preston

    Great efficacy & fragrance, no nasties, perfect eco credentials, what's not to like?

    Marie Tolhurst

    The best natural deodorant by far.

    Wendy Hall

    Great product. Since using this product regularly, I no longer appear to suffer from eczema under my arms.

    Ashley Artusa-Barrell

    Absolutely beautiful product that simply glides on and leaves my underarm feeling wonderful all day.... even after exercise!

    Paula Vanderpeer

    This is my favourite deodorant of all time, and even better because it kind to my skin and the environment. It is effective and smells lovely.

    Helen Watson

    I love the creamy texture and it works really well, even when its super hot and sweaty.

    Hannah Bailey

    Wonderful deodorant! Fell in love with it the first time I used it, as someone who gets quite sweaty, this deodorant is a life saver! Works better than any other I've tried and is really kind to my armpits! Highly recommend

    Susie Dickinson

    Love it! Really works. Kind to my sensitive skin.

    Rebecca Greenfield

    The best deodorant. I have been using for a year or so now. I love the smell and also the glass jars they come in.

    Bernice Cockram

    Fit Pit works really well for me. I perspire a lot and I do not get any odour. I love the smell of this one and it lasts for ages.

    Antony Batchelor

    A great product and prompt service.

    Annie Lennie

    This deodorant really works well.

    Jessica Bereznyckyj

    As a firefighter I sweat A LOT (sorry)! And the rosemary and bergamot deo is THE ONLY thing I have ever used that actually works - no matter what I've been up to, I've never had to reapply (unless I've had a shower) and I've never actually had smelly pits since! Goes on like a dream, no irritation and no nasties!

    Jacqueline Carr

    Excellent quality.

    Imogen Davies

    After switching from regular roll on deodorant I don’t think I can go back. It smells really nice & it feels smooth against my skin. Would recommend.


    great product - many thanks.

    Heather Goram

    I love this! I have been using it for about 3 months now. I have tried lots of the normal spray, stick and roll on deodorants….even men’s deodorants too but still perspired heavily and was very concerned I smelt. This deodorant seems to work with my body, I don’t seem to perspire as much and there is definitely less body odour…. Brilliant!!!! I am just trying the Tea Tree and Orange one now and it’s the same. I would say try it…… you have nothing to lose.

    Liz Beasley

    My second purchase of Fit Pit deodorant (a jar lasts for ages). I love it - I'm a runner and I can vouch that it is really effective at keeping stinky sweats at bay! It smells nice too - gentle, not over-powering. I have even persuaded hubby to try Fit Pit for men - he seems happy too.

    June Chainey

    Brilliant product. Always works, I only use Green Woman natural deodorant and have been buying this for about 4 years now.

    Miranda Barber

    The Fit Pit deodorant is the best natural product I have found that works really well - highly recommend!

    Minera Easton

    So far I love it! It smells lovely and it dissolves into a powder form. I have smelt fresh every day since I've been using it. I hope it lasts, as I love the organic and ethical side to it

    Divya Jacob

    Great product and service

    Deborah Wallace

    My daughter and I swear by this incredible deodorant. It is the only one we've tried that truly works. We've been using it for 5 years and love that it's natural, vegan, non irritating and totally effective.

    Miss Alexis Gill

    Great as always. Xx

    Helen Gifford

    This now my favourite deo. I did my own test for it. Bath, Taebo 1 hr and on to a waking night shift. It did not fail. No other deo has passed that test for me. Can not recommend highly enough and you don't need much either. Total value for money. NB. I would normally have a bath after training, just putting it through it's paces.

    Jane Mellowes

    Love these deodorants.

    Paula Vanderpeer

    I use the original Fit Pit and am really pleased with the results. I searched a long time for an effective eco-friendly deodorant and this really does the job. I also use the Dream Cream; I love the richness of the cream and calming lavender scent. It’s excellent for night time use. I would definitely recommend both products.

    Judith Hawkey

    Brilliant product! Brilliant service! I have been using fit pit for several years now ! It really works and I love the fact it is natural! I have recommended it to many family and friends! Thank you Green Woman !

    Derek Henderson

    Simply the best I have ever tried.

    Maria Wronsk

    Love the products, fast delivery, will order again

    Alison McQuail

    Absolutely love my Fit Pit deodorant. It’s a real revelation and for the first time ever I look forward to putting deodorant on and feel happy about it! I adore the smell and I won’t ever go back. My daughter is nicking it too so I will be back for more!


    BEST. DEODORANT. EVER! I apply once in the morning and it lasts all day long. It’s brilliant, and natural and lasts a long time too. No odour at all and I used to have a big odour problem.


    Love this natural deodorant. l repurchase this every month, can’t do without it at all!

    Barbara Anne

    Easy to apply and works really well compared to other natural deodorants I've tried in the past.

    Lisa Burtenshaw

    Love this site & all the merchandise they offer. Makes ethical shopping a whole lot easier!


    Love this sooooooo much - searched for an eco deodorant for ages and so happy to find this. It actually works (didn't realise how much until I ran out lol), is really gentle on the skin, smells INCREDIBLE and I actually look forward to applying this every morning. I love the other scents too, but this is my fave. Thanks fit pit!


    Have been trying to find a natural deodorant and some have been ok, some have been good but there’s always been a ‘buy’. I can’t actually find any fault in this one at all. I’ve tried the woman, tea tree and orange and peppermint, they are all amazing and I don’t know how but totally work! Can cope with hot days, days with heating on and woolly jumpers and strenuous exercise. You still sweat but there is zero smell even the next morning. I have really sensitive skin but haven’t reacted at all. Absolutely amazing and I’ve finally found that magic deodorant I didn’t think existed. Thank you!!


    Got a little tester to try after having tried a number of unsuccessful natural deodorants. This stuff is amazing, no odour on my clothes after a hot day in an office with no air conditioning. Cannot recommend this enough.


    Absolutely love this deodorant. It is the most effect one I have ever used.


    The best deodorant I have ever tried, full stop. Applied in the morning. 6 hours car ride. Climbed a a mountain just short of a Munro. Descended halfway down the other side. Camped overnight. Climbed back up, all the way down the other slope, across a bog, walked back to the car. With a backpack. 6 hours ride back home. Kidding you not - no smell whatsoever. I'd say - trail trial passed. :) Have never seen any deodorant do this. No skin irritation (and mine is sensitive), no accumulation on clothes, no stains. Amazing aroma(s). I very seldom write any reviews, but this thing truly deserves it! Everyone is different I guess, but for me works just great.


    Lovely product. Easy to apply and doesn't stain clothes. In hot weather can become runny but is soon back to normal after a quick rest in the fridge. Highly recommended.


    Fit Pit is the most incredible product! It’s absolutely turned my life around. No joke! I take lots of medication as a result of long term side effects of childhood cancer. And these can make my sweat stink. Like absolutely vile! I’ve tried so many deodorants and anti-perspirants over the years, and ultimately all that happened was I started disliking the smell of normal deodorants as they just reminded me of the smell of sweat. And then I discovered Fit Pit! It doesn’t try and cover up a smell with fragrance, but it somehow magically gets rid of it completely. Like absolutely completely 100% disappears! It’s quite literally some kind of wizardry! I’ve had to cancel plans as I’ve been offending my own nose and just can’t stop smelling horribly. Not any more. I honestly don’t have the words to emphasise just how brilliant this product is and how it’s given me confidence to go out again. I promise you you’ll never look at another deodorant ever again!


    I was pleasantly surprised. It kept any odour at bay for a full days “sweaty” work and also during bodypump too. It also doesn’t leave nasty white deodorant marks on your clothes. Great product.


    I love this deodorant, it smells lovely and is much more effective than normal deodorants (and 100 times better than other 'natural' one). Takes a little time to get used to but once you do, you won't look back.


    I have just purchased the Fit Pit Woman deodorant, having visited the stand at the Health and Beauty show in Birmingham, I have bought many Vegan , organic and free from deodorants but this has to be by far the best EVER . I am a 58 year old menopausal woman and suffer from night sweats , having put this on in the morning and by the next morning still smelling clean and fresh . I have used it in a variety of situations and must say how fab it is . So easy to use and the mild scent is lovely . I will be purchasing the Fitbit for men for my husband to try , maybe more of a challenge . Thank you so much for producing an amazing product , Sue xx


    I love this stuff!! I originally found it through but have come here to order more. I'm the sweatiest sweater who ever did sweat, this is the first deodorant I've tried that actually prevents any smell. I've never been able to wear sleeveless clothing because the skin-to-skin contact is just a stink powerhouse - or it was, until I started using this! Literally life-changing!


    I just wanted to say wow your women and men's jar of deodorant is amazing. I'm 53 and going through the menopause and struggle with other deodorants but since trying to be more environmentally aware and changing to shampoo bars etc I can across your products and all I can say is thank you so much my skin in amazing and I now do not worry about my hot flushes my partner is thrilled with his too.


    I need to let you know that this is the best deodorant I have ever tried. I cannot advertise your product your enough. I have tried every deodorant out there and nothing ever worked for me. I could never believe that a natural deodorant will solve my problem. My skin was always irritated, my clothes were badly stained and I could not get rid of the smell no matter what. I was always conditioned to use deodorants with chemical because the natural formulas could not mask the smell. At some point I thought that I had a health condition. I was very embarrassed and i was always scared to were colourful clothes. I found this magic jar recently at the vegan life event and i cant believe it. My clothes don't stain or smell, I don't sweat or smell and i feel amazing. Please never change your formula. You are really helping people. Its a shame you are not having your product at every shop out there.


    This is THE BEST natural deodorant (or just deodorant) I've ever used. I've worn it in really high-stress situations - event managing an all-day conference - and I didn't smell at all by the end of the day. It manages hot weather, nervous sweating, hot flushes, no smell at all after a full day. Really, really good product.


    I bought this on a whim at Brighton Veg fest without having particularly high hopes... I was so wrong! This deodorant smells great and genuinely does the job, even better than the high street brands I used to use. Will be sticking with this in future!


    I discovered Fitpit on Pintrest when I was looking for a plastic free deodorant that avoided the potentially carcinogenic ingredients found in main stream brands. I have not been disappointed. At £8 for 3-months supply, the price is comparable to high-street brands. It arrived in a parcel which consisted of reused, recyclable cardboard packaging. The deodorant itself is house in a glass jar and smells great, I have tried both the peppermint and the Rosemary and Bergamot and love the smell of both. I think the peppermint will appeal to both men and women alike. The deodorant has a mouse like texture which softens when it warms. You only need to apply a pea size amount to your underarms but this is more than enough to keep you dry and odour free all day. It melts into your skin, dries quickly and doesn’t mark your clothes. I also love that you can buy smaller travel sized pots! My only disappointment is that I didn’t find it sooner.


    This stuff is fantastic! I have eczema in my armpits so conventional deodorants are a no-go for me, and Fitpit replaces them perfectly, I would never go back! It has a lovely mousse-like texture and smells great, keeping me fresh all day.


    Love this deodorant. I bought a jar at bristol vegfest and was worried it wouldn't work. Silly me! It's so gentle and effective. Even after a day my pits are still subtly smelling of fit pit. You c.d.s. actually trust it:-)


    This stuff is amazing. I bought a small jar a few weeks ago to test this, as I had doubts how good it would be (having used other natural deodorants with smelly results). It's so good I was motivated to come here and leave a review, which I rarely do. Since I've been using it, it has obliterated any smell every single day. I cycle every day, and often wear tight t-shirts or dresses that can get smelly after a while, even with conventional deos, but this works for everything. It also lasts a really long time. I'm really impressed and I am going to buy it as presents for my stinky friends ;)

    Joanne Thomson

    My search is over. I have discovered the BEST ever deodorant. I can sweat and I won't stink. I can wear tight underarm T-shirts without starting to smell. And it's a great wee present for my mates.


    I have been gradually replacing all my household/beauty products for more natural alternatives & came across this in a magazine. It has just a hint of fragrance, melts & dries quickly with no staining. I considered making my own, but this product is everything I need in a deodorant. It has lasted 3 months as described too, which I didn't think it would when it arrived in a little glass jar. With no animal cruelty to boot, this is brilliant!


    I was given a pot of FitPit Woman by a friend who swears by it - I was a little sceptical at first, but wow this product really works. I have now introduced my husband to it and he likes it to - so today I am placing an order for a pot of both woman and men. Very impressed and will by using this in future.


    I've been using natural skincare and household products for many years now, but the one thing I struggled to find was a natural deodorant that worked. I must have tried them all and all of them failed on something. Then Fit Pit came along! I honestly can't find fault with this product, it works on every level and has become a permanent fixture in my bathroom cabinet. I'm also really pleased to have found a company with a social conscience too, it ticks every box!


    This is a fantastic deodorant that actually keeps you feeling dry too. Like a lot of others have said, I've tried other natural deodorants that don't last very long or can't cope with hotter days etc. Fit Pit has kept me smelling fresh during a couple of intense sessions at a boxing gym and on hot days. It lasts for a long time too, I only apply once and that's it for the day. I also really like that the jar and the packaging it's posted in is reusable/recyclable and plastic-free. Basically everything I'd hope for in a product, thank you!


    Well my Order arrived yesterday, I have not warn any deodorant for a few days as described on the website. Today I used Fit Pit for the first time I have had a busy day at work and it's hot and I am going through the change so a challenge for any deodorant. Wow!! I am really impressed it's the best deodorant I have ever used I will buy it forever! Thank you for making a fantastic product that works


    I bought this 2 days ago after reading about the potentially carcinogenic ingredients in main stream deodorants that a friend battling breast cancer alerted me to. I was really sceptical a natural deodorant could live up to my expectations but FitPit is even better than my usual choice. No smell, no stains. I will be buying this from now on for sure!


    Found this deodorant on a NetMums review - wanted to use it for my 10 year old son. It's brilliant and I'm now using it too! Bad news that the full size pot is out of stock - please make some more asap Green Woman. Thanks x.


    This is amazing, I was sceptical but it actually works, I am fresh all day without feeling like I'm clogging my pores. The weather has been especially stuffy recently and this deodorant has not failed me!


    This is a little pot of magic! I've tried numerous natural deodorants over the years but always reverted to a spray anti-perspirant. I've been using this product for about a month now and really can't imagine ever using anything else.


    I have been using natural deodorants for 15 years and this is by far x100 the best I have found. Even managed to get my husband onto FitPit Men!


    Brilliant natural deodorant that keeps you fresh. Lovely hint of scent. Totally natural, simple and effective. Exactly how I wish life to be in such a fast paced hectic world. Little jar of joy!

    Zoe Trodden

    This is a brilliant product. I live in Thailand and have been looking a long time for a good natural deodorant, that will work in these temperatures...this is the only one that does the job!


    I have been looking for a natural deodorant that works for years and have tried many of the well known high street and natural brands from health shops and none of them have worked, leaving me with odour by the afternoon. This product actually works! I am fresh all day and I haven't needed to reapply either. Brilliant product.


    Fantastic product. The smell is so lovely and fresh! Would highly recommend this product. Works fantastically.

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